miércoles, 17 de noviembre de 2010

My routine (INGLES)

1.My routine

Hi, my name is Carlos andrés Rivas Bernal
I get up all days at 4:50 am  to take a shower and make my 
breakfast. After I take a bus  to go  to U. I start classes at  6:00 am  of Teoria constitucional and finished at 8:00 am. sometimes I  go to the agoras and talk with my friends, after I go to class the Derechos humanos at 10:00 am.
the class finishes at 12:00 pm and go to the restaurant to have  lunch.
after I take a break to go to  english class at 2:00 pm the class finished at 4:00 pm. after I do a other activities (study,play,read, watch t.v).
I go a my house at 7:30 pm  to have dinner.
my day finishes at 8:00 pm , I go to bed to sleep. 

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